The Lanterns of Hoi An

Lanterns. They light up Hoi An at night, make it picturesque and is a large part of the city’s history.

When wandering around the little streets of the Old Town you’ll never be short of a view of hanging lanterns above.

Bright, beautiful colours and hand painted patterns beam out light to the streets. I was often mesmerised by them and got lost in thought about the method of making them and the time it took to paint them.

Luckily, we bumped into a place where we could design and make our own lanterns. I found out the method of making these shades, a method that has been passed down over hundreds of years. Incredibly fortunate that it was shared with us.

Here are a few photos of us making our lanterns and the lanterns in Hoi An. I still have mine, I really should put it up!