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The Lanterns of Hoi An

Lanterns. They light up Hoi An at night, make it picturesque and is a large part of the city’s history. When wandering around the little streets of the Old Town you’ll never be short of a view of hanging lanterns above. Bright, beautiful colours and hand painted patterns beam out light to the streets. I was …



Oh Ubud! This cool, arty and cultured town about an hour north drive from the airport is a definite go-to location if you’re in Bali. Backpackers galore, scouts everywhere and restaurants and alternative cafes on every corner. I knew I was going to like it there. Although busier and more crowded than say Barcelona Las Ramblas, …


Backpack or Suitcase?

This is a question almost every traveller asks themselves? There are a few different factors to consider: The length of time you’re going to be away. If it’s a couple days or a week, you’re not going to need a giant suitcase. What you plan on packing. My choice was to pack light- You will …