Hanoi is a colder city, you see residents walking around in coats, jumpers and jeans (when to be honest, it wasn’t even cold, just cooler than the rest of Vietnam as it is in the North. Maybe 22 degrees). I’m not sure if it’s all year round, I know it will get warmer, but in March it’s definitely¬†cooler.

Such a unique and beautiful city. One thing I do love about South East Asia is that the countries have kept hold of their history: The buildings are old and show heritage everywhere and it’s bursting to be explored.

A recommendation from me is to be a tourist and go see a water puppet show. I went and although I had no clue what they were saying, the story was told well through the water puppets and you will get to experience a tradition for the people of Hanoi. I’ve posted some photos below.

The buildings in Hanoi, as I mentioned before, are old. Old but beautiful, as you can see. (Although health and safety would have a field day!)