Halong Bay

Who could travel to Hanoi or even any part of Northern Vietnam and not indulge themselves in Halong Bay?

The natural stone islands were the perfect to film Kong: Skull Island but it’s also the perfect place for anyone who wants to take time out and enjoy a gift from Mother Nature.

I ventured out on a one night Cruise through Halong Bay with Jeannie.  Lunch, dinner and breakfast, stopping twice and kayaking were included.

We got on the small ship and were lead to the dining room on the main deck and had some traditional Vietnamese food for lunch while we set off to our first stop. This was at Dau Go cave for a tour. We spent about an hour walking around the great cave which was lit up and truly awesome to see.

Our next stop was one of the larger Islands of Halong Bay. We were able to get on a smaller boat which took us to the island where we had about 2 hours to explore or chill on the beach. Jeannine and I decided to climb to the tallest part of the island which had awesome views. We

Following this, we got back on the boat and to our rooms to settle in. Dinner was later and truly yummy. I made friends with an English couple who encouraged me to try my first shelled (giant) king prawn. When covered in hot sauce, wasn’t too bad.

Jeannie and I spent most of the evening up on the top deck watching the sun go down and then singing to old music together.