My First Night Alone

And when I say alone, I mean completely alone!

The first stop of my solo travels was Bali. What I didn’t find out until I got there was that I was the first volunteer to arrive. The three others were due to arrive the following day. This isn’t something I was prepared for.

So there I was laying in bed, surrounded by mosquito nets, in an empty building which was in the garden of a family I had only met a few hours before, in a strange country miles from home.

That night was a bit of a blur. I remember that all I wanted to do was go home- I was even looking at flights!

Eventually, I must have got some sleep because I was woken up by the host letting me know that the other volunteers would be arriving soon. I had never been so pleased to be around fluent English speaking people.

After that unpleasant first night, I am happy I made myself stay, that I wasn’t too hasty to book a flight home because this was the worst part over.

This was the start of the most amazing time of my life. Where my love for travel began and where some of my heart still is. In Bali.