Farm, Fishing and Cooking like a Local Trip – Hoi An

This was an amazing day, I learnt so much about how the local people live. Humbled by how happy they are with what little they have, It makes me grateful for being able to have so much in my life. I took this trip with my friend Jeannie.

The day began by being picked up by two men. Whisked away on the back of motorbikes. We were taken to a traditional fishing village about 15 minutes away from our hostel and definitely away from our fellow backpackers and tourists!

In this traditional fishing village, we were taken to an elderly lady in a bucket boat, we got in and she rowed us into the trees. Shegave us a stick with string and a hook on the end and were told to get crabbing just as the locals do! Crabs hid in the branches, we leered them out with fish guts and caught about 8 in total! While we were fishing, the lady who was with us made us rings, bracelet, earrings and a hat each from leaves. Very impressive and I still have the earrings as a sentimental keepsake.

We then moved to the guide’s home which was in another small village in the middle of nowhere.  A very close-knit village in which all families live in one with houses next to one another. Our guide lived with his wife, daughter and his parents, his uncle in the house behind his and his grandparents were buried in a small cemetery which the houses seemed to revolve around. This really showed me how the local people live there.

At our guides house, we were made very welcome by his mother. She gave us refreshments and a change of clothes so we could go fishing. Our guide’s house had a large garden where he grows his own cucumbers, melon, jackfruit and many more vegetables and fruit. He also keeps chickens which he lives off.

Gosh, fishing was a once in a lifetime experience!

We walked over to the local small river, got in and was given basket-like instruments which had a large hole in the bottom and a smaller hole in the top. With the instructions to push and pull the baskets into the mud, up and down and up and down, after doing so a couple of times to put our hands in and get the fish out. It worked!! I caught 5 fish all by hand!

To finish the day we were given a lesson in the art of Vietnamese food! We were guided on how to make beef stir fry and chicken spring rolls, all of which was delicious!

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to know about the real people of Vietnam. This is an experience that I know I will never forget! Here is the link to their website, I highly recommend you have a look.