Weekends in Bali

Volunteering 4 days a week, we got 3 days off a week to explore the wonderful Island of Bali. In the four weekends I was there I managed to fit a lot in. I must admit that I didn’t do any of this alone as I always went with the other volunteers. Having those people with me just made the experiences even better and some of them I wouldn’t have even done without them!

On our first weekend, we headed to Ubud and Gili Trawangan.

Our second weekend was spent on a sunrise hike of Mount Batur and traditional tattoos.

The third weekend was spent diving in the sea of the North of the Island. I have a few photos here.

The final proper weekend I spent in Bali was spent in Seminyak. We went out and had a few farewell drinks and spent the following day relaxing at a bar on the beach.

We were also taken to a couple of other places in our first week which is what I talk about in this post!

I also had the magical experience of having a reading by our host’s Healer.

There is so so much more I wanted to do in Bali which is why I will go back! I know that this sounds cheesy but I feel a strong connection to this place. I think that this is a combination of that this is the first place I had ever been to on my own that I felt so welcomed and part of the family that I was staying with or that I met and helped so many young local children there. Perhaps it’s because it’s an Island like mine. My mind was right to lead me to Bali as this is the place I can call my second home. I feel safe here and this is where I began to find the real me.