What Made Me Travel “Solo”? (Pros and Cons)

Travelling solo is a big decision to make but for me it was pretty easy.

As much as I am a “people person” I also like my own company. I’m not saying I’m always a blast to hang out with but if I am alone I am okay. I will happily go out for dinner on my own, walks and even on tours solo! If you’re not so comfortable being alone all the time then that’s also absolutely fine, everyone is different you just need to find the right person to stick with.

The only person that I wanted to go with was my boyfriend, unfortunately he doesn’t like the idea of hostels or leaving his great job- which I can understand! There was no one else from my little Island that I thought I could put up with for weeks. I knew that I would rather be on my own than hating the company I had and potentially ruining a friendship from home.

Solo travel has lots and lots of pros and cons, for me there were more pros than cons but this may be different for you.

Pro Solo

  • It’s your choice where to go (from a country, to village, even for dinner)
  • Sticking to your budget is easier
  • You can get up and go to bed whenever you want, you’re on your own schedule
  • You’re not afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings if you do or don’t want to do something
  • Encourages you to get out your comfort zone to talk to and meet new people
  • The little things are enjoyed so much more
  • You can change your mind on anything
  • You learn more about yourself as an individual
  • Experience and find out the real value of “me time”
  • Self confidence will improve so much
  • Only depend on yourself, there is no one to let you down

Con Solo

  • Can get lonely at times
  • Some tours/ day trips have a minimum of two people to be able to take part
  • No one to take photos of you
  • Travel may not be as safe

As mentioned above, for me my cons out-weighed my pros. I knew that I would make new friends each place I went to and if I didn’t feel safe I would g=make an effort with the new people around me and go out with them.