Dunrobin Castle

Another castle, we visited Dunrobin’s Castle which again, has a great history about it and has been used to live in until fairly recently. The reason why I went to this one is that it is incredibly photogenic, photos below.

There was one crazy part of this castle though and it’s something that I will never forget. Next to the castle, there’s a building named ‘museum’ and here I am thinking ‘oh, I thought the castle was a museum in itself’ which I was correct in saying, but this is another museum.

A museum of stuffed animals. I’d estimate about 1000 stuffed animals, all caught and shot by tenants of Dunrobin Castle. Birds, cats, deer, wildebeest, snakes and even fish were stuffed and there up on the wall. If you’ve read my other posts, I’m sure you’ve worked out that I am an animal lover with a soft spot for elephants- the first thing I saw when I walked into this room was an elephant head hanging on the wall opposite me. I was almost sick.

Not a nice sight but I made myself stay in there, take it all in and have a good look around because this is what was popular 200 years ago, this is what people with money did. They went off to Africa or the woods shot animals and took them home to stuff them. Totally normal back then.

I tried to change my mindset from ‘oh my god, this is horrid, I can’t look at it. Get me out of here’ to ‘okay, so these animals are beautiful, they are incredibly well preserved (even if they do smell funny) and this is what people did, it was part of their lives and something to be proud of. Once I did that, I was then able to picture people on safari in their beige clothing and hard hats laying in the bushes waiting for a giraffe to appear or come that bit closer to them. I then found myself thinking about that animals journey from being shot to then being transported back to Scotland and shown off proudly to friends and family members and, in fact, were there in front of me that day.