Diving in Bali

The North part of Bali is famous for snorkelling and scuba diving so this was added to my ‘must-do’ list and we made it happen.

I went with the other volunteers, five of us in total but only three of us scuba dived. The travel to the North of the Island took four hours by car, there was a massive thunderstorm with lots of lightning which was amazing to watch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any photos but it was incredible to watch and it passed the journey.

Arriving in the small village of Amed in the early morning, we settled in for breakfast and a gorgeous fresh orange juice then went through the paperwork and safety video. Following this, we were wet-suited and booted and headed to the pool for some practice.

Practice and safety checks done! Off to the beach!

Unfortunately, the weather was windy which resulted in a high current and sandy waves so the view under the water wasn’t as clear as usual. We still got to see some awesome colourful fish and a pair of clownfish in their anemone.



Here’s the link to Bali Dive Trek, the company who created such an awesome and safe experience for us! I’d totally recommend!